Euro and, to a lesser extent, Sterling, are picking up some buying today but both are stuck in range against the greenback. There is no clear unified theme in the markets. Canadian and Australian Dollar are weak, but New Zealand Dollar is strong. Swiss Franc is trailing other Europeans higher but Yen is heading down,
AUD/NZD struggles to defend the bounce off yearly low. Oversold RSI conditions, Wednesday’s Doji candlestick signal further recovery. Ascending trend line from March 2020 appears to be the key support. AUD/NZD remains sidelined around 1.0585 during Thursday’s Asian session, after bouncing off the yearly low the previous day. In doing so, the quote justifies Wednesday’s
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European stocks are holding lower, with S&P 500 futures also seen down 6 points, or 0.15%, so far on the day. Meanwhile, 10-year Treasury yields are little changed and keeping close to 3.53% so that is not offering traders a whole lot to work with in the major currencies space. The dollar is sitting more
Overall, the markets continue to trade in a mixed manner. US stocks declined for a second day overnight, but the selloff didn’t continue in Asia. Sentiment is somewhat supported by optimism of easing restrictions in China. In the currency markets, Yen is currently the worst performer for the week, followed by Aussie. Canadian Dollar is
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Most cryptocurrencies are likely to be regulated as securities in the United States according to the CEO of Intercontinental Exchange Inc (ICE), Jeffrey Sprecher, and Senator Elizabeth Warren. The renewed focus on regulating cryptocurrencies as securities comes in light of FTX’s recent implosion, which wiped countless billions from the market, put consumer funds in limbo
Australian Industry Group Performance of Services Index for November 2022. Ugly result at 45.6. Main points from the group’s report: 3rd month of decline All activity indicators in contraction employment and new orders indicators declined significantly in November, suggesting weakening demand capacity utilisation remained elevated, rising to 82.8%. In services, this reflects ongoing tight employment