Forex Trading Tutorial

Easy Forex Trading Tutorial | The 1% HeartBeat Strategy??

Forex Trading have thousands of strategies but most of them are none sense ! Making sense on trading I am working hard for my dearest viewer. All you need to hold the theorem of The 1% HeartBeat Strategy!

Forex made easy on this heartbeat strategy. You just need a low spread and zero comission trading account. Low spread means 8-15 spread at most.

Rules of The 1% HeartBeat Strategy ?

1. Look for Ranging market. Then Look for candle gape from 9ema. Then wait for next 2-3 candle gap.
2. Now take entry to the reverse
3. Take profit towards 20-50 EMA, or yoou can sttill wait for 200 EMA
4. Analyze volume bar to identify who is in action bull or bear by seing bars above 20.


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