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US stocks continue its move to the upside after Bullard’s comments on soft landing

The major US stock indices are continuing their run to the upside with the NASDAQ index leading the way with again over 2%. The Dow industrial average is up 1.4%.

The additional gains come after Fed’s Bullard said that policy changes don’t have to end with a recession (he does not have a recession as the base base). That employment and inflation pressure can be relieved without employment pain.

Stocks are liking that type of Goldilocks chatter.

Having said that, the unknown is that the bond market is still implying sharply lower rates and Fed cuts going forward. It seemed that yields might need to go higher as a result. What impact will that have on stock prices – and potentially regional banks once again.

Today, there has been rebounds in the regional banks. The KRE ETF is currently up 5.32%. PacWest Bancorp is up 83.75% which is a relief but still only at $5.82. Western Alliance Bancorp is up $9.59 or 52.69% at $27.79. So there is some breathing room going into the weekend.

NASDAQ approaches the 2023 highs

Looking at the NASDAQ index on the hourly chart above, the price i so far s approaching the swing highs going back to February 2, April 18 and May 1. Those highs came between 12245.43 and 12269.55. The high price today has reached 12225.26. A move above that area, will take the price to the highest level since August 26, 2022, and open the door for more upside momentum.

Looking at the daily chart, the swing lows going back to February 2022 and March 2022, come in around 12555.35. The high price going back to August 2022 reached 13181.09.. Those would be the next major target.

Nasdaq looks to test 2023 highs. What’s above?

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