Blackrock is out with its latest macro perspectives note and it makes a compelling argument: Inflation is largely driven by supply shocks, not fiscal policy and raising rates isn’t the solution. It’s been largely driven by manufacturing shortages and a shift in consumer spending into goods rather than services. We’ve heard all this before and
GBP/JPY dropped 0.7% on Friday, falling from above 155.00 to around 154.00. Risk-off flows and soft UK data weakened sterling while safe-haven demand and lower global bond yields strengthened the yen. GBP/JPY fell sharply on Friday and heavy downside in the global equity market and commodity space weighed on more risk-sensitive currencies such as sterling,
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USDCAD buyers take the price above a cluster of MAs today The USDCAD buyers are making a play today. Here are the technical reasons: The price low yesterday stalled ahead of the price low from Wednesday. The low reached 1.2452. The low from Wednesday’s trade reached 1.24476. Moreover the low from yesterday was near the
We’re on the rollercoaster now and there’s no telling where it will take us. The S&P 500 has nearly erased a +60 point decline and is largely unchanged. I think some of this is trying to figure out what’s happening with Ukraine-Russia but the are a multitude of other factors in play: Tech reassessment (maybe