ACCRA, GHANA – NOVEMBER 05: Ghanaians march during the ‘Ku Me Preko’ demonstration on November 5, 2022, in Accra, Ghana. People took to the streets of Ghana’s capital to protest against the soaring cost of living, aggravated since the Russian invasion of Ukraine Ernest Ankomah/Getty Images The U.S. Federal Reserve‘s monetary policy tightening and a
Luis Alvarez | Digitalvision | Getty Images Households increased debt during the third quarter at the fastest pace in 15 years due to hefty increases in credit card usage and mortgage balances, the Federal Reserve reported Tuesday. Total debt jumped by $351 billion for the July-to-September period, the largest nominal quarterly increase since 2007, bringing
A Sheetz customer gets gasoline at a gas station in Plains, Pennsylvania, U.S. October 19, 2022.  Aimee Dilger | Reuters Americans grew more worried about inflation in the October, with fears emanating from an expected burst in gasoline prices, a Federal Reserve survey showed Monday. Inflation expectations for the year ahead rose to 5.9%, up